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In the last weeks articles we mentioned the importance products play in growing healthy hair.

However, there is an overwhelming amount of products to choose from on the market, so it is only right that we bring you an article that gives you an idea of what kind of products you need for your natural hair.

Hair products can be split into five (5 ) categories that is Shampoo, Conditioners, Oils, Butters, Creams , Pomades.

For your shampoos and conditioners make sure you get the same Brand because its more effective.

Examples of good Brands that you can consider are; Cantu, Shea Moisture, Aunt Jackie’s, Tresemme, Argan oil, Organics, etc

Oils can also also be split into two ( 2 ) categories which are Moisturizing oils and Sealing oils.

You are probably wondering what the main difference is , well moisturizing oils are used to add moisture to the hair and are indented to penetrate the hair shaft, where as sealing oils are meant to seal in the moisture. So when sealing oil is used in place of the moisturizing oil the purpose is defeated. Always ensure to first moisturize then seal.

Examples of moisturizing oils are Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, Argan oil, etc. Black Castor oil is a sealing oil.

Butters , creams and pomades are also good for sealing in moisture as well .

Creams work well for light hair and you can find them in different Brands. Example are Cantu, Shea Moisture , Argan oil etc.

Pomades and Butters are good for hair that is medium to coarse texture.

We hope you have learnt from this article check out our next article next week as we continue with the other products.

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